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Online Supplement to the Book:

Life During Wartime:
Resisting Counterinsurgency

Chapter on "Repression, Civil Liberties, Right-Wingers, and Liberals: Resisting Counterinsurgency and Subversion Panics"

Cite: Chip Berlet, 2013, “Repression, Civil Liberties, Right-Wingers, and Liberals: Resisting Counterinsurgency and Subversion Panics.” In Kristian Williams, ed. Life During Wartime: Resisting Counterinsurgency, AK Press.

Endnotes with Live Links

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35 The author is not an attorney; this text should not be considered competent legal advice. Always consult an attorney on questions of law. Please do not test the limits of repression to prove a political point without first speaking with an attorney about your risks.

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