Right-Wing Countersubversion Networks & the Philadelphia Raid

What is the Maldon Institute and Who is John Rees?
  Case Study of One Right-Wing Private Intelligence Network
By Chip Berlet

There have been a series of revelations about the role of private right-wing countersubversion groups--such as the Maldon Institute, and semi-private groups, such as the International Association For Counterterrorism & Security or the Regional Information Sharing System--in circulating concepts and information used to justify law enforcement intelligence abuse. Repression against demonstrators in Philadelphia during the Republican Party Convention, or in Seattle, or Washington, DC, or Prague, make more sense if one explores the history and background of public and private countersubversion networks. Right-wing conspiracy theories similar to those used during the McCarthy Period have been revived in "counter-terrorism" reports and semi-private conferences shielded from the scrutiny of the federal Freedom of Information Act and Congressional oversight because the information is collected and held by "private" groups...

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Maldon Institue self-description from 1993

Sample Publication Images:

Information Digest Newsletter, 1969.
Information Digest Newsletter, 1970.
Broken Seals, book, Western Goals Foundation, 1980.
The War Called Peace: The Soviet Peace Offensive, book, Western Goals, 1982.
The Subversion Factor: Moles in High Places, book, Western Goals Foundation, 1983.
Early Warning Newsletter,  Mid-Atlantic Research Associates, 1985.
Information Digest Newsletter, 1987.
The International Reports: Early Warning, The Maldon Institute, 1993.
Maldon Institute Report, 1993.

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